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iPhone 7 Features

Advanced technology and a host of impressive new features – this is what makes the iPhone 7 best iPhone ever created by Apple. We have used iPhone 7 for a week. Read below about apple iPhone 7 features and about our impression.

  1. Screen “wakes up” when you take iPhone 7 in hand

With the release of iPhone 7, Apple also introduced the latest mobile operating system – iOS 10, which has a number of special features, specifically designed for the new smartphone. The most useful feature is the “Raise to Wake.” Just take the iPhone in the hand to lead it out of sleep mode. You will immediately see all the notifications and you will be able quickly unlock your phone.

  1. A little water and a lot of attention

Fully updated iPhone 7 construction makes the device more resistant to water. Therefore, even if you drop the iPhone 7 into the water, do not panic. The new iPhone has a special notification function, which is actuated when it detects moisture on the phone. If you see a warning, remove all from the Lightning connector and completely disconnect the device until it will dry.

  1. Quick access to the camera

If you see a beautiful picture, or you just needed quickly take a picture, no longer need to try to turn the camera on a locked iPhone 7. With the new iOS 10 you can instantly turn on the camera, brushing a lock screen to the left. Despite the fact that there is no need to unlock the iPhone 7, to use the application “Camera”, worry that someone can get access to your data, it is not necessary. If iPhone is locked, view a photographic film or go to other applications on your smartphone can not.

  1. Completely redesigned button “Home”

The button “Home” on the iPhone 7 – an innovative touch control with remarkable speed of reaction and sensitivity to the touch. The new drive Taptic Engine provides precise tactile feedback, and you can customize it for yourself. Now lock the phone using Touch ID easier!

  1. Better photos with the new camera

iPhone has always been famous for its camera, and a new model phone is no exception. 12-megapixel camera in the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus provides advanced features such as optical image stabilization, the system of wide color gamut, the possibility of photo and video shooting in low light conditions. Flash has also undergone some changes: four high-power LEDs shine up to 50% brighter! Moreover, the flash automatically adjusts the color temperature of the environment, and this results in a clear, well-lit images. Due to optical image stabilization and noise reduction effect, to make high-quality images on the iPhone just got easier!

  1. Your selfie will be better

In HD-camera FaceTime, the resolution increased from 5 to 7 megapixels and the color range increased too. The front camera also has an auto image stabilization, which means that selfie will be better and more realistic.

  1. Live Photos

When Apple introduced a new feature Live Photos, it was not fully clear how it will interest users. Now, however, many people prefer to diversify their usual photographic film by these amazing “live” pictures. Good news: Firstly, you can edit them, and secondly, Apple provided access for third-party developers, so that soon we should expect a number of new applications that support Live Photos.

  1. Be brighter in the tape of Instagram

Instagram took full advantage of the new iPhone 7. If you are a fan of this social network, you will like new features. iPhone 7 camera makes pictures brighter and natural. There are new filters in the updated version of Instagram, which have become better with an expanded color range.

  1. Enjoy enhanced stereos

On the iPhone 7 presentation, CEO Tim Cook noted particularly, how important music to Apple, and introduced the new impressive developments. The main innovation was the refusal of the traditional Apple headphone jacks. Now the iPhone 7 kit includes EarPods headphones with Lightning connector. But if you want to use your old headphones, just connect them via an adapter with a jack of 3.5 mm, which is also included. Another innovation was the stereo speakers, which are twice as much power than the iPhone 6s. In addition, the dynamic range increased, which makes the sound much better. If you decide to watch a movie or listen to music without headphones, the new sound will delight you.

  1. Get maximum benefit from AirPods

When was announced that the iPhone 7 will be without the traditional headphone jack, Apple announced a new wireless AirPods. These headphones are adjusted in one touch and connect automatically: just bring the carrying case AirPods to the iPhone and open it. Headphones understand, when you wear them. At that moment, when you take them off, playback pauses and AirPods go into power saving mode.

iPhone 7 features and price are in full accord with each other.

USA Canada Germany, France, Europe UK

iPhone 7 32GB

$649 $899 759 €


iPhone 7 128GB

$749 $1029 869 €


iPhone 7 256GB $849 $1159 979 €


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