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iPhone 7 best video

Presentation of iPhone 7 has become one of the brightest events of this autumn. New gadget from Apple was expected impatiently in order to «taste» all the novelties and surprises from the creators.

We have no doubts that you watched presentations, reviews and other videos concerning new iPhone 7. In this article we have prepared an overview of apple iPhone 7 video.

iPhone 7 Impressions: 10 New Things

Everybody wants to know, what the new features of iPhone 7 are, and if it is really so much different from iPhone 6. This iPhone 7 video reveals ten most distinctive new features of iPhone 7.

First feature that is singled out is a new design. Some subtle improvements, such as the antenna bands on the back, which don’t go across anymore and new set of colours are mentioned. Two variants of design in black will be introduced to you – mat and glossy black.

Then attention is paid to Home button, which does not click anymore, because of taptic engine behind the button. One of the introductions is also water- and dust-resistance. Now your phone can survive not only in shower, but also 50 metres under the water!

Of course, camera is also improved. You will see a review of new camera features in iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus and will see them in action. You will be shown also a new display that is 25% brighter and has wider colour gamut.

Then introductions in sound come. New iPhone 7 has stereo speakers. And now you may use lightning ear pods. There are also wireless Air pods, which come with charging battery case. And of course more powerful processor and four cores are not forgotten in the review.

iPhone 7 – 20 Things You Didn’t Know!

You probably already know all official information about iPhone 7, but still some questions may have been left without answers by official reviews. How to hard reset your phone, what problem will you face when want to change the display, will you be able to use old screen protectors? What are the advantages of iPhone 7 Plus and what colour of iPhone is out of reach now? Why the new iPhone 7 doesn’t have headphones jack and what do you get instead? Answers to these questions, hidden features and secret specs are all in this i phone 7 video.

iPhone 7 Water Test! Secretly Waterproof?

When a new iPhone comes, it’s necessary to check its durability and reliability. So we have all sorts of apple iphone 7 video showing iPhones suffering different tortures. But iPhone 7 is first from Apple phones to claim water-resistance, so it’s a must to check it.

In this video iPhone is tested at 1-meter rating for 30 minutes together with new Galaxy S 7. They are put under the water, then the extra water is added and time of experiment is prolonged. But it is not the end, then iPhone 7 is going to survive in the river, in order to check if you can swim, jump into the water and dive with it. If you want to get sure, that Apple claims about water-resistance of a new iPhone are true, just watch the iphone 7 video.

iPhone 7 vs 6S Drop Test!  

Will you iPhone survive if you drop it down while picking it from the pocket or when speaking over the phone? Is iPhone 7 durability better than in iPhone 6? You will get all answers in this apple iphone 7 video. Two iPhones will be dropped from different heights in different positions to check their possibilities. Watch iPhone 7 and iPhone 6 S flying and falling down!

iPhone 7 Drop Test – From 1,000 FEET!! DON’T TRY THIS

If you are not satisfied with this ordinary tests and want to see iPhone 7 in a really extreme situation, please be sure you have watched this i phone 7 video. iPhone 7 will be attached to the dron and dropped from the height of 1000 feet (304.8 m). What will happen after such a fantastic fly? Hurry to watch the video!

 iPhone 7 Scratch test – BEND TEST – Durability video!

And what about scratch resistance? We got used to put our phones into pockets or bags, where they can be easily scratched by different things. Let’s see how the professional, who is an expert in checking phones’ durability, tests this iPhone newcomer. In this video iPhone 7 is going to survive tortures from razor blade. Display, back, Home button and camera lens – nothing will escape the test. You will know, if the buttons are metal or plastic and if there is something in iPhone 7 made from sapphire glass.  You will also see flame test and bend test.   

iPhone 7 Hammer & Knife Scratch Test!

One more test is for hammer and knife scratches. New iPhone 7 will undergo “slicing” with a high-quality knife. Will medium and deeper cuts leave markings on the display and on the back forever? And what about three-pound hammer? It will hit iPhone 7 harder and harder to learn the result and assess damage to the display.

iPhone 7 vs. Samsung Galaxy S7 Water Freeze Test 10 Hours! What Will Happen?!

Do you think you can once forget your iPhone 7 in the fridge and leave it there? Maybe no, but still it may be interesting to know, what happens in such a case. In this apple iphone 7 video you will see iPhone 7 put in the freezer and left for 10 hours. In the end you will see, if the phones still work, how the battery life changed and if they can be charged.

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